Double Bifold Barn Door Hardware Kit
Double Bifold Barn Door Hardware Kit
Double Bifold Barn Door Hardware Kit
Double Bifold Barn Door Hardware Kit
Double Bifold Barn Door Hardware Kit

Item specifics

Satin Black
1 set
Carton size
L: 204 W: 22 H: 8.5



Product Detailed Parameters
Item no
Satin Black
one-piece rail packed
Barn Door Track,6mm thickness,2x Door Stoppers,2x Door Hangers,1x Floor Guide,2x Anti-jumpers,5sets x M10 Wall Mounted Screws and anchors,6x M10*60 Bolts for 40-45mm doors,1x Track Connector ,,1x Manual
 Suitable door width
12'', 15'', 16'', 18'', 20''
Carton size
 L: 204  W: 14  H: 8.5
Product Introduction
Double Bifold Barn Door Hardware Kit 

Double Bifold Barn Door Hardware Kit is made of high-quality steel with premium nylon roller wheel and Gcr15 roller bearing, the surface is black matte, other color can be customized.

Push-pull opening and closing way saves lots of space which is quite suitable for classical decoration style.

bifold barn door
Double Bifold Barn Door Hardware Kit  

STRONG & STURDY: High strength industrial grade tracks and pulleys can easily hold 220lbs loads,anti-corrosion and anti-rust.Maintains its beauty and longevity for many years.
Easy to Install:  Attached with the most detailed product installation and operation instructions. and detailed graphical marking and measurement methods.You can install it by yourself.
Smoothly & Reduce Noise: Push and Pull the door very smoothly and effortlessly. Door stoppers with integrated spring, reduces vibration for quiet closing, door floor guide protects your door and. No punching on the ground. 
Space SavingSave space for opening and closing doors. 
Suitable for interior door in kitchen, bedroom, dressing room, laundry room, utility room, entertainment console, club, pub and so on.
bifold barn door hardware
bifold barn door hardware set
Package  :
Spliced pre-drilled holes rails with full set installation screws rollers, 
full set of L-Shaped Bracket
door stoppers
floor guide
Anti-Jump blocks 
door panel is NOT INCLUDED

Please reserve 6'' space from the top of the door to the ceiling.
Installation of Double Bifold Barn Door Hardware Kit 
Step 1

Rail installation

*Do  not  mount the  rail spacers directly onto drywall.
*Solid wooden  headerboard  is  required for following  cases:
-the holes on the rail do not line up with studs.
-the  openning  has  thick  frame/baseboard (the  gap  between
door  & wall  only  has  1/4”~3/8").
1. Location  of  center  of  the  rail=
height   of   the   door+115/16".

2. Using a level,lightly score a level pencil line  on  the  wall/headerboard where the center of the rail spacers will be fastened  into,mark  a  line.

3. Drill  fastener  holes  on  the  wall/(headerboard).

4. Mount the rail using the supplied lag screws,
washers and rail spacers.
Step 2

Installating the hardware on the doors
(Fit door thickness:  1"-1-5/8" )

1.Installing 3 hinges on the back of the doors.
2.Installing  top  connector  plate  onto  the  door.
*Aligns the top connector plate with the edge of the door.
Mark the screw holes on the top of the door and drill holes.
Tight the screws to get plates installed.

3. Installing the brass sleeve on the bottom of the door
*Drill a hole on the bottom of the door,
measure  13/8" from the  bottom edge of the door and  3/4" from the front of the door.
*Using a 5/8" spade bit of forstner bit,drill a 7/8" deep hole and insert the brass sleeve.

Step 3

Hanging the doors on the rail

In order to determine the proper location for the bottom pivot plate,the doors must first be hung on the rail at the desired position in reference to the openning.

1. Pull forward to engage the top connector plate on the top of the door with the fixed roller and the adjustable roller.
*Be sure the set screw on the side of each roller is backed out so that it does not protrude into the slot openning
2. Lift the doors up and hang on the track.
3. Close the door and let the door cover the openning to find the best location for fixed roller.
4. Lock the fixed roller onto the rail by set hardware.

Step 4

Installing the bottom pivot plate

The location of this bottom pivot plate is critical for proper function of the bifold barn door.

1. Pull out the bottom of the door slightly and insert the bottom pivot plate into the brass sleeve located in the bottom of the  fixed  position  door,reposition  the  door.

2. Using a level,plumb the door and mark the position of the bottom pivot plate on the floor(from edge and outside edge). 

3. Put the bottom pivot plate on the marks and drill holes,secure the floor using the supplied screws.

4. Take the doors off the rail by removing the set screw on the fixed roller,insert the bottom pivot plate into the brass Sleeve,then re-hang the doors on the rail.



Step 5: Installing strip seal

Downlod Installation Munaul

 of Double Bifold Barn Door Hardware Kit 
Installation Manual- Bifold Barn Door
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