Brushed Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware Kit
Brushed Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware Kit
Brushed Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware Kit
Brushed Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware Kit
Brushed Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware Kit

Item specifics

Brushed Nickel
1 set
Carton size
L: 204 W: 11.5 H: 8.5



Brushed Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware

This Satin Nickel Low Clearance Barn Door Hardware Kit is a great design for home, which is a popular new way to bring innovation into the home and close off bedroom and side room in a stunningly unique way. The door is hung on a piece of hardware with a wheel. That rolls along a track mounted to the wall.

Barn Door Hardware interior
Product Detailed Parameters
Item no
Brushed Nickel 
 wall mounted
 2 M long track with 6mm thickness, 2 J brackets and wheels, 2 anti-jumpers, 1 stopper, 5 anchors, 5 long screws
Max.capacity per door 33 to 550 Ib (250kgs)
Suitable door
Door thickness 35mm - 55mm for wood door, 8mm-12 mm for glass door. Available for double door design
Carton size
 L: 204  W: 11.5  H: 8.5
Product Features
Space-saving: makes your room look more spacious without the usual door opening.
Durable: high purity bearing steel Gcr15, tested for 100000 times. 
Low-noise: robust roller made of stainless steel, premium aluminum wheel, slide smoothly and silently.
Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel's inherent resistance to corrosion ensures longevity, even in high-moisture environments.
Low Maintenance: Its easy-to-clean surface requires minimal maintenance, saving time and effort.
16'' Pre-drilled Holes: We have been pre-drilled holes at 16" intervals to fit your keel stud.
Wide use: ideal for kitchen, storage room, bedroom, study room, dressing room, Laundry room, closet, cabinet, storage, wardrobe, wine cellar, farm etc.
barn door hardware details
barn door hardware set

Rails: Rails come with pre-drilled holes of 16 inch spacing. Rail is made by solid 1/4" thick carbon steel, finished with highly durable powder coating. Fit door panel width: 36"-40".
Rail Spacers & Lag Bolts: With lag bolts and the spacers, it is used to connect the rail on the wall.
Hangers: The strap of the hanger is made by 1/4" thick carbon steel and the wheel is made by duty nylon, very durable and smooth. Fit door panel thickness: 1 3/8" and 1 3/4".
Door Stoppers: Door stoppers slide along the rail and tighten down at any point to stop your doors anywhere you want, and they're cushioned by rubber caps for a quiet close.
Floor Guide: Mark center line of overlap and place center of floor guide in line.Slide the door closed and secure the floor guide.
Anti-Jump Discs: Fasten anti-jump discs to top of door by placing them an least 1" from the edge of door.
Installation Guide

Retail Stores: Enhance storefronts and display areas with stylish yet functional stainless steel barn door hardware.

Offices: Add a contemporary touch to office spaces, meeting rooms, and executive suites.

Hotels: Elevate guest experiences by using stainless steel hardware for partitions, entrances, and room dividers.

Restaurants: Create dynamic and flexible dining spaces with barn doors that reflect a modern aesthetic.
stainless steel barn door hardware
Why Use Stainless Steel? 
Stainless steel's resilience to corrosion, durability, and sleek appearance make it an ideal choice for commercial applications.

Its ability to withstand heavy usage and maintain its polished look ensures long-lasting aesthetics and functionality.
FAQs About Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware
1. Are stainless steel barn door hardware kits suitable for heavy doors?
Yes, stainless steel barn door hardware is known for its exceptional strength and durability.
These hardware kits are designed to support heavy doors commonly found in commercial settings.
The corrosion-resistant properties of stainless steel ensure that the hardware maintains its integrity even under heavy usage.

 2. Can stainless steel barn door hardware be used in high-moisture environments?
Absolutely. Stainless steel is renowned for its resistance to corrosion, making it an ideal choice for environments with higher humidity levels.
Whether it's a coastal establishment, spa, or other moisture-prone spaces, stainless steel barn door hardware retains its sleek appearance and robust functionality.

 3. Are stainless steel barn door hardware kits compatible with different door sizes?
Yes, stainless steel barn door hardware kits are designed to accommodate a range of door sizes.
They often come with adjustable features, allowing you to tailor the hardware to fit your specific door dimensions.
Be sure to check the specifications of the hardware kit to ensure it suits your door's size and weight.

 4. Can stainless steel barn door hardware be installed on glass doors?
Yes, stainless steel barn door hardware can be used with glass doors.
Many hardware kits offer specialized clamps or brackets that securely hold glass panels.
This allows you to incorporate the sleek aesthetics of stainless steel while maintaining the transparency of glass doors, making them an excellent choice for modern commercial spaces.
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